King Saul Monogram

King Saul – Raw Blue Cheese

King Saul Monogram
In a distant land 3000 years ago, the pages of history tell of King Saul – the first anointed king of the Israelites.

King Saul’s legacy endured, shadowing a reign filled with battles, passion, grandeur, honour and loss. But King Saul’s dynasty was short lived and the fledgling monarchy disintegrated within the brief historical chapter from which it had risen.

Today renowned Australian master cheesemaker ‘Saul Sullivan’ proudly presents a cheese worthy to honour this historical monarch and has crafted a cheese that is the first of its kind made in Australia – “King Saul” an Udder Delights Raw Milk Blue Cheese.

This inaugural small batch release commences the new reign of “King Saul” – long live the King!

King Saul – the first Raw Milk Blue Cheese made in Australia

Leading Adelaide Hills’ cheese maker Saul Sullivan has confounded his critics and created a slice of history by producing Australia’s first living raw cow’s milk blue cheese approved for public consumption.

The Udder Delights King Saul Raw Blue cheese is a premium product that will be produced in limited batches each year, with the first vintage of just 200 half-kilogram wheels, presented in handcrafted wooden boxes – 80 of which will be released late 2014 and another 80 released Autumn 2015.

The launch follows some two years of intensive research and development, trial and error, ecstatic highs and abject lows before the product was finally granted approval to start making the raw milk blue cheese by the Dairy Authority of South Australia (DASA) in June 2014.

In the process, Mr Sullivan – who runs the award-winning Lobethal-based Udder Delights with his wife Sheree – also chalked up a world first for the company, perfecting a hand-making process that gives King Saul cheese the ability to mature for more than twice as long as other blue vein cheeses and so maximise taste, complexities and rich characteristics.

“King Saul is a very special creation, but it didn’t come easy,” said Mr Sullivan, who recalls how everyone he mentioned his plan to scoffed at the idea.

“My dream has always been to create the very best raw cheese right here in Australia and really put Australian cheese making on the international map.

“But everyone I spoke with told me it was impossible, it would never get the DASA stamp of approval for raw blue cheese made with unpasteurised milk and I would be wasting my time.

“And while these sentiments initially took the wind out of my sails, I knew deep down that there had to be a way and so set about on a most intensive learning experience, littered with valuable lessons.

“And now that the first batch of King Saul is about to go on sale to the public, to be savoured on the most momentous of occasions – be they tomorrow, next month or at the end of the cheese’s three year maturation period – I know it was all worth it and believe the end result will be welcomed by Australian cheese lovers.”

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Mr Sullivan says what makes King Saul so special is the non-pathogenic Hafnia Alvei bacteria, which ensures that the cheese is terroir reflective. In other words, it contains and shares the flavours of the specific region where the milk-producing cows live…such as the pastures, the waterways, and the air quality.

“And given that South Australia and the Adelaide Hills are world renowned for their pristine environment, I’m confident that King Saul Raw Milk Blue is the cleanest, most unpolluted cheese on the planet,” Mr Sullivan said.

“It’s the quintessential raw cheese eating experience, up there with the finest French efforts, and will hopefully do for cheese in Australia what Grange has done for wine.”

King Saul

How to buy King Saul

King Saul is only available through the Udder Delights Cheese Cellar in Hahndorf, South Australia – we can offer postal delivery throughout Australia, or pickup.

Each individually numbered & beautifully packaged King Saul costs $150 for the 500g round in a wooden box.

Postage is an additional $30 – this will include express delivery where possible, and an insulated box and reusable ice packs.

We can take credit card payment over the phone or direct debit payment over the internet. In addition we will need your name, phone number, email address & postal address.

Please confirm your order by submitting a purchase request using the ‘Contact Us’ form, or calling the Cheese Cellar on 08 8388 1588 to arrange.

Want to try King Saul Raw Blue?

Then the Raw Experience at the Udder Delights Cheese Cellar is for you… relish a portion of Australian Cheese History with the country’s first unpasteurised blue cheese in our newest premium cheese tasting platter.

We have paired King Saul with Riverland muscatels, crispy sweet Tortas, sparkling water and our own barrel aged port for the ultimate eating pleasure – a ‘raw experience’ of this exciting new icon that costs $49 per couple.

King Saul Taste