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Goat Milk Cheeses

Goats cheese has so many wonderful applications and is becoming increasing popular for every day, entertaining and culinary uses. Recognised for its crisp and refreshing characteristics, it’s also a softer alternative for those that suffer digestive concerns. Clean white in colour and full of beneficial dietary elements, goats cheese has a lot to love about it.

Goat Curd

Udder Delights Goats Curd

Our curd is mild, tangy and refreshing with a smooth, creamy finish that is almost fluffy. This incredibly popular cheese has many uses – the most basic being spread over crusty bread.It is well suited to sweet and savoury dishes, and has a particularly good affinity with figs, prosciutto, honey & walnuts!

Available in barcoded 200g tubs, 1kg buckets and 5kg buckets.

Udder Delights Chevre

Our Chevre has a fresh acidic flavour – with a dense creamy texture and clean finish on the palate. The mildness of the Udder Delights Chevre makes it a perfect addition to almost any dish. Some of our favourites include pizza, pasta, risotto and salad.

Available in barcoded 150g logs and a 1kg brick.


Marinated Chevre

Udder Delights Marinated Goats Cheese

A flavour sensation of creamy mild goats cheese marinated in a blend of oil, fresh herbs & garlic. The flavour and appearance of the Marinated Goats Cheese makes it irresistible. Pour it onto a large shallow serving plate, next to a bowl of crusty bread. As you rip the bread, dip it into the oil before spreading cheese on to it. Easy and impressive!

The Marinated Goats Cheese is available in a 2L bucket – it has 28 x 50g discs of Goats Cheese, making 1.4kg of cheese in total.

Udder Delights Goats Camembert & Goats Brie

Our Goat Brie and Goat Camembert are luscious, surface ripened goat cheeses with a delicate texture and subtle flavour. It is our interpretation of the white mould classics using goats’ milk. They are perfect for a cheese platter accompanied by figs or pears. Feel the sides of the cheese before cutting it open. If it is very soft, then carefully cut a lid out of the top of the to create a self-contained bowl of oozy paste that looks beautiful and will keep the platter neat.

Available in barcoded 105g rounds.

Goat Camembert

Goat Blue

Udder Delights Goats Blue

A truly seasonal food – our Udder Delights Goats Blue is only made in Spring and Summer when there is an abundance of goat milk. Well balanced with a mild blue flavour and a matured goat cheese flavour on the back palate. Very moreish.

Available in bar coded 140g retail wedges and 1.6kg rounds.