Heritage Range

Our Heritage Range is inspired by traditional cheeses from around the world. This selection of cheese has been created in the desire to challenge our cheese making skills and stimulate our customers’ pallets.

Goat Curd

Heritage Mawson Blue

Soon to be released…

Named in honour of Sir Douglas Mawson – the Mawson Blue is a unique blue vein cheese created with influences similar to that of a Shropshire blue cheese. Its distinct orange hue and added cream results in a rich, luscious and visually striking artisan blue.

Heritage Bradman Brie

Soon to be released…

Named in honour of Sir Donald Bradman – the Heritage Bradman Brie has a heady blend of cultures and moulds that are used to create this proudly Australian cheese which is made in a traditional French style. Washed rind aromas and bold flavours permeate through its white bloomy coat.