About Us

Udder Delights is based in the pristine Adelaide Hills. Saul & Sheree Sullivan lead Udder Delights and together they have displayed a synergy of talents, effort and vision to build a business and brand that is well respected within the national food industry.

Udder Delights cheese has been available in the market place since 1999. As each year passes new cheeses are launched, new suppliers bought on, new customers introduced and new skills are learned. The ability to change, take a risk and invest in what we believe has been the catalyst to our success; however it all started so long ago…

009“I like goats, I think I might get some.” This thought occurred in 1995, coupled with Trevor & wife Estelle’s desire to generate income off the newly acquired family farm in the Adelaide Hills town of Lobethal. Two goats, aptly named Nell and Nora, began the goat herd. They were hand milked by Trevor and Estelle with their son Andrew helping out. Soon two goats led to forty and hand milking had to make way for machines. Trevor and Estelle found it incredibly difficult securing a contract for their goat’s milk, particularly due to the infancy of the industry. At times milk went to waste and this birthed the concept of a goat cheese factory that could process the milk produced on the family farm.

Trevor and Estelle went about investigating, and eventually building, the first stage of the cheese factory. Son Andrew had a brainwave of a name while up a tree picking local cherries – Udder Delights. And so it began in 1999.

118Once Trevor and Estelle’s daughter, Sheree Sullivan (nee Dunford), finished her degree in Jazz Piano she decided to get involved with the family business. At this stage a cheese maker was employed to create an initial range of cheeses. Sheree set about marketing the cheese and selling the products into the marketplace. Six months later the cheese maker decided to move on and at age 21 Sheree took over the management of Udder Delights – which meant doing all the cheese making! Not having a lot of experience in cheese making (8 hours to be precise) Sheree taught herself by reading a lot of books, asking a lot of questions and making a lot of mistakes.

Five years later Saul Sullivan ‘married a business’ so to speak, and wed Sheree, while becoming joint owners in the Udder Delights cheese factory. Together they have been a formidable force mastering the art of cheese making, passionately driving business, while having the insight to make significant changes along the way (and have a few kids of their own too).

exterior 2In 2006 Saul and Sheree opened the now well known & awarded Udder Delights Cheese Cellar in historic Hahndorf – which is a beautifully appointed cheese cellar door in a stunning Adelaide Hills town; showcasing the cheese we make and highlighting regional produce in an array of fun foodie based experiences – all delivered with exceptional customer service!

mum dad stellaTrevor was able to stop milking goats in 2004 and retired as a corporate jet pilot in 2010 to focus his time and energy on literally expanding the cheese factory. He has recently entered full retirement and has exited the business to enjoy his free time.

Estelle was pivotal to the ongoing perseverance of developing the business and tragically died in 2011 at the young age of 58 due to brain tumour. As you could understand this impacted us emotionally and financially. We made a commitment to continue the business in her honour and as part of her legacy.

cheese boardsToday Udder Delights Australia encompasses the flagship regional Udder Delights brand, and also includes the organic Divine Dairy and the fabulous Cremeux Provincial Cheese. Being in a regional area we are passionate about providing employment to local families – and not only have a significant workforce but also work very closely with several dairy families and suppliers. Our combined vision and focus is to make really good cheese really accessible, and we hope you enjoy it!