Sheree Sullivan moved from the keyboard to the cheese board when she was instrumental in setting up the Udder Delights cheese factory in 1999 after completing her Bachelor of Music, Jazz Piano, at the University of Adelaide’s Elder Conservatorium.

She has since become the accidental entrepreneur who has built the family cheese empire while juggling businesses and brands, family and kids, and risks with rewards.

She values sustainable community – she grows local, makes local, employs local, lives local and gives local; and has a savvy and sassy approach when putting good food in front of the punters.

Cheese Platter 101

When I think of putting together a ‘cheese platter’ a myriad of combinations come to mind. It can be as simple as one cheese on a board, with nothing other than the cheese itself, or it can be one cheese served with some perfect condiments that go so well together, or it can be an all-out feast – lots of cheese and lots of nibbles. What I serve depends on…

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Cooking with Goats Cheese

Fresh Goats Cheese – and by this I’m referring to goats’ cheese that is not matured and does not have a surface rind – is so refreshingly acidic and densely creamy. It can be used in so many different recipes and is perfectly suited to the Australian climate – particularly in the warmer weather. Chèvre, which is literally the French word for Goat, and best pronounced in Australia as ‘Shev’…

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Bries and Bananas – Same Same but Different

I like to use the analogy of a brie ripening like a banana. It may seem an odd comparison but as you read on it may become clearer… Before we start comparing this cheese to one of my favourite fruits, we first need to understand what the white rind is on the outside of a brie or camembert. I often get ask to bring a cheese platter to a social…

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The Secrets of Food Styling

I love cooking food and I love eating food. But when it comes to taking photos of it – I have a lot to learn. I just finished working with the very talented Food by Annabel who we’ve commissioned to create recipes featuring our cheese. She then used my house as the backdrop to style all of the dishes and take photos – I learnt so much about food photography…

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Udder Delights Cheese Fondue Featured on Channel 9’s ‘Travel Guides’

Our Cheese Fondue for Two – or ‘Heaven in a Pot’, as they call it – was recently featured in Channel 9’s ‘Travel Guides’. Served in our underground cellar, it includes delicious local produce, as well as mouth-watering, molten cheese lava. Watch the feature: If you’re looking for a unique private venue or theme for a party, you can hire out our underground cellar privately and hold a ‘cheese fondue…

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So what is the difference between Brie and Camembert?

It’s a question I get asked a lot – so here is the low-down in simple terms… Cream: Sometimes a Brie can have a higher fat content if is a double or a triple cream brie. That is where there is an increase of milk solids in dry matter – which is achieved by pouring cream into the milk before making the cheese. A single cream brie and camembert (which…

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So what is a Cheese Queen?

  I’m not sure myself actually – it was just a title that Adelaide Hills Magazine gave me when they put me on the cover of their magazine fully immersed in a bath of milk (this will definitely be another blog post to answer your ‘Was it cold?’ questions!!) – and the name just stuck! I’ve been a cheese maker since 1999, living in the Adelaide Hills, running a business,…

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