Cheese Fondue

Tradition has it that when bread falls off a woman’s fork and into the pot, she must kiss her neighbour… but if a man drops anything into the pot, he has to buy a round of drinks for the table.

Sounds like a lot of fun… and the tradition is alive and well at the Udder Delights Cheese Cellar where we’ve bought the quintessential Swiss dish back to its vibrant and enjoyable life.

The origins of the fondue, which had friends socialising in the chilly Switzerland Alps sitting around a pot of bubbling cheese while sipping wine around 800BC, so it’s a time-honoured custom we thought deserved to be revived in the depths of winter in the Adelaide Hills.

A fondue for two – and that’s two adults with BIG appetites
costs just $57.

It’s all about conviviality, where groups can snuggle up in our cosy underground cellar and savour the deliciousness of yummy morsels – including local kabana, baby gherkins, mini balsamic pickled onions, Hills pears and lots of hot, freshly baked baguettes – dipped into a mouth-watering, molten cheese lava.



Of course, to keep your palate grounded and keep you from having the cheesy goodness tip you over the edge, there’ll be plenty to wash it down with, from a crisp and bubbly local Hills cider to equally bubbly wine and beer.

We also offer the option of ‘fondue parties’, where groups can hire out the company’s underground cellar and hold the cheese fondue celebration of their dreams.

A word of warning, though….be careful who you sit next to and make sure your lip gloss is handy and your wallet is overflowing as we’re sticklers for tradition!

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