Our Dairy Farmers

When enjoying our cheese, pay a thought to the origin and journey through which it’s travelled. From grass to cow, milk to cheese and on its way to your favourite store – it all begins on the farm. Our dairies are located across the South Australian countryside from the Adelaide Hills and down to the Fleurieu Peninsula, we work with many dairies, including one that is proudly 100% certified organic.


We value the hard work and effort of our dedicated dairy farmers and work directly with them to grow and foster their family businesses. Our partnerships are built on strong relationships, supporting and encouraging them to ensure that we share in each other’s success and common goals.

Some of our farming families are multiple generations old and with a promising future ahead, these stewards of the land can build their properties and their family businesses with confidence and pride.

Cows Grazing

We love animals and so do our farmers – the ethical treatment of livestock and best practice farming techniques are a shared value for both ourselves and our selected dairy farmers. The animals are grazed on large pastured properties and grass fed throughout the year. Our farmers manage their breeding cycles to the highest standards of animal husbandry and male stock are actively rehomed or grown on appropriately for the beef industry. Environmental initiatives are embraced including native revegetation work, improvements to pasture management and recycling of waste products.