Our People

It’s really our ‘Udder Delights family’ – we see our people as more than just staff, they are a part of the very core of what makes Udder Delights so special.

There’s something quite unique about a product that’s handmade – is it the care and consideration? – maybe it’s the effort and the passion? – or is it just the smiles and the laughter shared while making something to be shared again with such joy.

It’s hard to quantify – but does it really need to be? It’s an ingredient we call ‘love’, even if it sounds a little cheesy!


Saul Sullivan – Managing Director

The Commander & Chief – he’s got the codes and he’s not afraid to use them.

saul sullivan

Sheree Sullivan – Chief Executive

Known fondly as the ‘Cheese Queen’, she’s the heart and soul at the centre of all we do.

sheree sullivan

Tracey Politis – Udder Delights Cellar Door Manager

Leader of our Hahndorf Cheese Cellar and Cheesemonger extraordinaire – cut it, dice it, price it.

tracey politis