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Goat Milk Cheeses

Goats cheese is a highly versatile product to have in your kitchen and is suitable for all occasions.

Delightful on its own, goats cheese is recognised for its crisp and refreshing characteristics.

You might be surprised to discover the many health benefits of eating goats cheese. In fact, it’s an excellent cheese alternative for those with digestive concerns. It also has more calcium, higher amounts of vitamins D, K, thiamine and niacin and less cholesterol than other cheese varieties. For those looking for a diet friendly product, goats cheese has fewer calories than other cow cheeses.

Goat Curd

Udder Delights Goats Curd

With a mild, tangy and refreshingly smooth and creamy finish, our goats curd has an almost fluffy texture. One of our most popular products, it can be used in a wide variety of dishes or even just spread across a piece of crusty bread. Suitable for sweet and savoury recipes, why not try it as part of a tapas platter, a soufflé or a cheesecake. Goats curd is a perfect partner for figs, prosciutto, honey and walnuts.

Available in barcoded 200g tubs and 1kg and 5kg buckets.

Goat Curd

Udder Delights Chevre

Chevre is French for cheeses made from goats’ milk. Our take on Chevre has a fresh acidic flavour, with a dense creamy texture and clean finish on the palate. Udder Delight’s Chevre has a mildness which makes it an ideal ingredient in many dishes. We love to use it on pizza and in pasta, risotto and salad. It also works wonderfully in desserts. How do goat cheese brownies or a ricotta Chevre cake sound?

Available in barcoded 150g logs

Did you know?

Goats’ milk has fewer allergenic proteins than cows’ milk and causes less inflammation. It is rich in calcium and the lactic acid found in goats’ milk can improve overall skin health.