Udder Tiered Cake

This cake is perfect for 100 guests or a smaller function, and showcases three distinct cheeses. This photo has a cheddar as the top layer, but we love to also use a creamy blue. That way you can serve your guests a matured cheese, a white mould cheese and a blue mould cheese – which is a perfect combination.

The bottom layer is a very mature Dutch aged Gouda (4kg), the middle has two Udder Delights Adelaide Hills Brie (2.4kg) and the top an Australian Matured Cheddar (1kg).

It is approximately $380, and allows for 75g of cheese per person if you had 100 guests.

The top cheddar layer can be replaced with a mild creamy French blue cheese which adds a cost of a further $40 and provides more cheese variety for your guests.